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Welcome to the
Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution

The last half century of medical research has placed chemical structures behind much of biology, including human disease, the human genome, and the origin of life. Scientists at the Foundation have contributed broadly to these activities through innovative and polydisciplinary research in fields as diverse as chemistry, informatics, biology, geology, and astronomy. We are now taking the next steps, to place biological chemistry within its larger "systems" context, from the cell to the organism, and from there to the ecosystem and the planet. Emerging from this are new tools for systems biology and personalized medicine, as well as answers to some "big" questions: Where did we come from? What is our future? Are we alone?

Latest News and Events

October 22, 2018. Steven Benner, Distinguished Fellow at the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution, comments on the recent award of the Nobel Prize to Frances Arnold for her work applying molecular evolution to protein engineering.

September 28, 2018. The Fernbank Planetarium will be presenting a world premiere of a new planetarium show entitled "Origin of Life: New Answers to Old Questions about Stars, Rocks and Life". Doors will open at Fernbank at 7:00 PM, October 16, allowing visitors to see Fernbank's famous meteorite collection, Denver Museum's collections of minerals important in life's origins, and the actual command module from Apollo 6. Please see our flyer for more information.

July 27, 2018. The Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution, with support from the John Templeton Foundation, will hold an unusual conference on the Origins of Life from October 14 to 17, 2018. It will feature dialogs to resolve remaining paradoxes in models for life's origins. Dialog participants will come from around the world to advance the science, and include leading chemists, geologists, and biologists in the field. Please visit the conference website for more information and to register for this event.

January 30, 2018. DNA Script, a French company devoted to enzyme-based DNA synthesis, announced today the licensing of nucleic acid innovations created at the FfAME to support large scale inexpensive DNA synthesis.

January 18, 2018. Steven Benner, Distinguished Fellow at the FfAME, will discuss alternative approaches to financing research seeking to understand the origins of life. The discussion will be held in the evening at the Gordon Research Conference on "origins" in Galveston, Texas. He will discuss philanthropic support, including from the John Templeton, Simons, and private foundations, as well as spinning off discoveries in this basic research field into diagnostics and medicine. More information can be found here.

December 16, 2017. Steven Benner, Distinguished Fellow and Director of the FfAME, will deliver the 2017 Commencement Address at Ashland University, on December 16. With an "accent on the individual", Ashland University is a private university that shapes graduates who work, serve and lead with integrity in their communities. Ashland is known for supporting free, open and critical inquiry for both students and faculty necessary for intellectual and professional development.

December 6, 2017. On December 6, Steven Benner will engage in a public conversation on the topic "What is life?" on the stage of Caveat, 21 A Clinton Street, Manhattan, New York. There, he will be joined by the noted science journalist Carl Zimmer, following discussion with Jeremy England, the physicist from MIT. Zimmer is a columnist for The New York Times, where his column "Matter" appears each week. In 2016, Zimmer won the Stephen Jay Gould Prize, awarded annually by the Society for the Study of Evolution to recognize individuals whose sustained efforts have advanced public understanding of evolutionary science. This program is a collaboration between The Story Collider and Caveat, and is supported by Science Sandbox, a Simons Foundation initiative dedicated to engaging everyone with the process of science. Doors open at 6:30 PM, with a discussion beginning at seven. Tickets are $20. More information can be found here.

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